meet the piggies!

i have two guinea pigs: one male, one female…

this is napoleón:


napo for short! he is a 4 year old guinea pig who loves to eat and enjoys sleeping next to my legs. i love him so much.

this is linda:


napo’s little sister who just turned one! she’s loud and jumps and runs around in her cage. she also has very messy hair. but we love her like that!

i got both my guinea pigs the same way: without permission from my parents and out of a “love at first sight” impulse. i just couldn’t help their fluffyness! and when i held them i knew they had to come home with me. and so they did:)


^ the day we brought linda home. poor baby was so scared she never got out of her tunnel haha she was so tiny! ^

unfortunately i couldn’t find any good pictures of the first day i brought napo home ): but he had crazy hair and would always stand on top of his food to make sure nothing happened to it! haha

napo and linda now have each other to keep company and be happy piggies forever! :) they’re pleased to meet you!

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