taking max out for a walk

i hadn’t seen max all weekend, and to make up for it, i took him out for a walk!

once he heard the word “outside!” he ran toward the door and would just follow me with that pug face like saying, “hey, let’s go! you promised we were going outside.”


i think he really liked his walk though :) he was so happy. he didn’t even care about wearing a harness – which usually he hates to wear!


maybe he liked wearing his harness this time because it’s r2-d2! he looks so cute!! (p.s. that little white dog smelling max is cake) ^ 

we ran around a school’s parking lot that’s near the house. max loved it! although that idea backfired on me when we walked back home and he thought getting on the street anytime he wanted was alright ¬¬ haha

he was such a good boy overall:D! he obeyed all of my commands: he listened when i told him to come closer to me or to not get off the sidewalk. unlike my other dogs, little max would get so nervous when people passed by us.

when we got home, however, max started fighting with our golden retriever, jimmy, so we had to separate them -.- but they were friends again minutes later.

he is now dead asleep and happy. good day for max the pug! (:

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