last year’s thanksgiving & christmas dinner

every year my friends and i have both a thanksgiving and christmas dinner party. one is more formal than the other.

last year for thanksgiving we wore our sunday’s best and ate cordon bleu with mashed potatoes and spaghetti. for christmas, we wore our pj’s and had a breakfast buffet. all the food was delicious! everyone brings something to the table, literally and figuratively.

we either have our dinners before or after the holiday. we do this so everyone gets to spend time with their family.

i put myself in charge of decorating and organizing everything since i love doing that so much!

when i was on pinterest (as i usually am) trying to find ideas, i couldn’t find much on how to decorate the table. i wanted to make that area extra pretty and special since we spend most of our evening there. because of that, and in lieu of the upcoming holidays, i decided to make this blog post to give people ideas on how to decorate their holiday tables. i hope i am helpful to you!


this is what our thanksgiving table looked like last year:


i kept it simple, but I was pretty proud of myself. came out nicer than i thought it would! i sadly forgot to take a picture of all the food we had once our friends arrived. i was just so hungry and excited that i forgot!


we then had our christmas dinner where we exchanged gifts, wore comfy pj’s, and had delicious pancakes!

our table:


^ the booties on the wall were made out of foam and had everyone’s name ^


^ look at that glorious breakfast table! there was still more food missing, but i just couldn’t wait for my other friends to arrive. i needed to take a picture of our table^


we had lots of fun in our dinners and will, without a doubt, keep having them!

i sadly couldn’t find pictures of previous years, but if we have dinners this year, i’ll be sure to upload our tables and other decorations we have!


for more ideas, i recommend you look at pinterest. you should follow me, as i am always liking and repining cool things i stumble upon! :)

side note: i like to keep a low budget in everything i do. (it’s not that i’m cheap, but us college students are on a tight budget). everything you see I either reused from previous dinners, or got at different dollar stores. if you want to make a dinner, i recommend you look there first! it’s fun and cheap. if you decide to go to craft store, make sure you check if there are any coupons online that you can print. i always do that and it helps! target’s $1 section has pretty cute things, too!

have fun with your table!

happy holidays to all & god bless!


nice fall afternoons

i know i always post pictures of my piggies outside, but i just love seeing them happy and exploring, and how cute they look eating everything around them! yesterday i took them outside while i cleaned their cages, and i couldn’t help but take out my camera and take pictures. i thought they were so cute, so i wanted to share them. i hope you like ’em as much as i do :)!

i took the top of their cage and put it on the floor. (i don’t just leave them run free because it’s our front yard and if they hear something they might get scared and run and i won’t have control over them, etc. too much work. and i also don’t want them to get hurt.)


^ if i’m next to them, i do open the side of their cage though ^


^ i let napo go outside his cage because i know he’ll listen to me. linda on the other hand is a runner and won’t >:( ^


^ she tends to do that with her butt; i don’t know why! but hey, at least she’s comfortable, right? haha ^

IMG_6932IMG_6931 IMG_6933IMG_6946

^ little napo photo shoot! he gives such good poses to the camera! aw, little model! and he looks so fat! no, jk, he’s not fat! it’s just fur and lots of love! ^

IMG_6923IMG_6938 IMG_6940

^ linda and her wacky hair! either she’s really active, or really lazy. she would lay down and put her leg out, all while eating! so hairy; i love her! even if she bites me.. ^


^ the grass was greener and more delicious on linda’s side, huh, napoleon? ^

aww, my hairy babies!

we hope you have a very nice day:)

linda enjoying the weather

the weather changed randomly here. from one day to another we went from thin tees to knit sweaters. i love it though. fall is my favorite season, and it’s finally feeling like it. i just wished i had more appropriate outerwear to keep me warm.

the other day my boyfriend and i took napo to the vet to get his teeth trimmed. linda stayed home.

(fyi: rodent’s teeth never stop growing, thus, they have to constantly be chewing on things to keep them short. napo, however, is one of those piggies who doesn’t like to chew on things, so his teeth got long and eating uncomfortable, so we took him. he’s better now!).

napo in the vet nov   napo in the vet nov 2

the vet told us to take the piggies outside more often so they could eat grass and all that is green, cuz those things are good for them. once we got home, i put linda’s harness on and took her outside.

(napo’s teeth were sensible, and since the day had been stressful enough for him already, we decided to take him to his bed so he could rest)


linda outsideit was a little chilly, but i don’t think she even felt it cuz of her crazy hair and because she was super excited! she jumped, ran, got comfortable, and ate.

even angie and cake joined!

angie outside with lindaIMG_6667

^ and no, don’t worry, linda wasn’t eating those plants. she was just hiding between them and exploring ^

i plan on taking both piggies out more often. i have done it before, but the last time i took pictures was when linda (left) was a baby:

baby linda outside   mijo outside last year


relaxing and eating. yup, that’s the piggy life!