i have bangs

An impromptu, impulse-driven change to my hair. And no it wasn’t one of those “New Year, new me” kind of deals (hate that stuff, btw). I just always wondered how I would look like with bangs. But a why as to why I did it…I don’t know, it just happened.

I like it though! Even if ppl say it makes me look like my mother.




merry xmas, dear readers!

i wanted to share with you some pictures i took this and last year. i know in some we are missing pets, (sorry about that) it’s just been kind of crazy lately. but anyway, i hope you are well and that santa brought you all the gifts you wanted! :)




linda and her big tushy! 



last year (we had a mini photo shoot):









have an amazing day! thanks for stopping by! :)

Blue Jeans Go Green

hello once again, dear reader!

in case you didn’t know, i really like the idea of recycling! so i’m always looking for new ideas or things to give new life to and do my part to keep earth a little greener.

thanks to madewell’s blog, i found out that there’s this organization called blue jeans go green where you donate old jeans that you no longer want or use and they turn them into insulation for houses that habitat for humanity builds for people in need. it’s a pretty neat idea!

i do have a lot jeans laying around that could become something else. do you?

for more information, go to their homepage here. for places where you can drop off or send your jeans click here. to read the madewell post that informed me about this organization click here.

please don’t ever throw your clothes away! there’s people who could use them. not landfills. either donate them to programs like these or to other local facilities.

oh! btw, if you have electronics that you don’t know what to do with (cuz you should not throw them away!) best buy has a recycling program you should check out!

remember to recycle at home or visit your local recycling facility.

until next time!

– diana

fall semester is ending

i can’t believe this semester is almost over. last class day was today, and finals are starting thursday. it went by so fast! i mean, it happens with every semester, i swear, and i always say the same thing, but this one felt like nothing. i still remember my first class day like it was a month ago.

i’m always super nervous before every semester starts cuz i think that i have a lot of classes or that they’re gonna be difficult.. but they never are, and i always have a lot of free time. which i honestly don’t like cuz then i have time to procrastinate and then i never get things done. plus my do-everything-last-minute habits don’t help. ugh.

sometimes i consider getting a job, but i never actually apply. next week, however, i am starting to help a professor by being an assistant in a research she does. by that time i will have already finished with my finals. i won’t get paid, but i don’t mind at all. it will help as discipline and it will look really good on my resume. (yay to that!)

for now, i’m stuck with a cold and a headache, a dry scalp that can’t accommodate to the weather, sleep deprivation, two piggy cages that need cleaning + my room, eyes full of mascara that i refuse to take off, essays, and reviews (that i haven’t started, btw).. i also had a pretty stressful thanksgiving ‘break.’ but you learn something from those days and from that stress. at least i did and still am.

i’m exhausted. i’m just glad that soon there will come days in december (hopefully cold ones) where i can just sleep in and not worry about annoying alarm clocks or deadlines until january. *happy thoughts*

– diana