fall semester is ending

i can’t believe this semester is almost over. last class day was today, and finals are starting thursday. it went by so fast! i mean, it happens with every semester, i swear, and i always say the same thing, but this one felt like nothing. i still remember my first class day like it was a month ago.

i’m always super nervous before every semester starts cuz i think that i have a lot of classes or that they’re gonna be difficult.. but they never are, and i always have a lot of free time. which i honestly don’t like cuz then i have time to procrastinate and then i never get things done. plus my do-everything-last-minute habits don’t help. ugh.

sometimes i consider getting a job, but i never actually apply. next week, however, i am starting to help a professor by being an assistant in a research she does. by that time i will have already finished with my finals. i won’t get paid, but i don’t mind at all. it will help as discipline and it will look really good on my resume. (yay to that!)

for now, i’m stuck with a cold and a headache, a dry scalp that can’t accommodate to the weather, sleep deprivation, two piggy cages that need cleaning + my room, eyes full of mascara that i refuse to take off, essays, and reviews (that i haven’t started, btw).. i also had a pretty stressful thanksgiving ‘break.’ but you learn something from those days and from that stress. at least i did and still am.

i’m exhausted. i’m just glad that soon there will come days in december (hopefully cold ones) where i can just sleep in and not worry about annoying alarm clocks or deadlines until january. *happy thoughts*

– diana

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