Blue Jeans Go Green

hello once again, dear reader!

in case you didn’t know, i really like the idea of recycling! so i’m always looking for new ideas or things to give new life to and do my part to keep earth a little greener.

thanks to madewell’s blog, i found out that there’s this organization called blue jeans go green where you donate old jeans that you no longer want or use and they turn them into insulation for houses that habitat for humanity builds for people in need. it’s a pretty neat idea!

i do have a lot jeans laying around that could become something else. do you?

for more information, go to their homepage here. for places where you can drop off or send your jeans click here. to read the madewell post that informed me about this organization click here.

please don’t ever throw your clothes away! there’s people who could use them. not landfills. either donate them to programs like these or to other local facilities.

oh! btw, if you have electronics that you don’t know what to do with (cuz you should not throw them away!) best buy has a recycling program you should check out!

remember to recycle at home or visit your local recycling facility.

until next time!

– diana

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