let’s be spontaneous..

some friends and i got together the other weekend to celebrate a friend’s 21st birthday.


he then invited us on a weekend road trip to san antonio to continue the celebration. and i must say, it was fun

“kickin’ in the back seat!” (sorry if our faces look stretched, camera’s fault)

over there, we met up with friends who have moved to other cities for college. it was nice seeing them cuz once the semester actually starts *boom* everyone disappears. but i don’t blame them. college is tough.

joe and I outside a restaurant waiting for a table
with david in his vader hoodie











games, food, friends, drinks: one good night :)

IMG_2308IMG_2311   IMG_2319

 i love my friends

the next day we went to a cool little lego store called bricks and minifigs. at the entrance they had these build-your-own stations where you could purchase whatever it was you created.

this one was the minifig station. legs, torsos, heads, hair, accessories. sounds like a horror film!

just picture all of us 20-some-year-olds building little mini figures and robots haha sorry, little kids, these are our legos now!


one millennium falcon to go please!

at night, while the grown ups went out, my friend lino decided to take his girlfriend emma and i for a burger at in-n-out. thanks, linosaurio!

my first time trying it. note to self: order it without onion next time.

it was good! and i would eat it again. i just think people make it a bigger hype than what is it (sorry, america)

compared to this one, whataburger is my still my favorite hands down. but in-n-out makes a better burger model for a picture. just look at all that cheese, ahh!

on the road back home, joe, didi, and i sang our lungs out to classic luis miguel songs. the most perfect way to end the weekend <3 (don’t judge, “[we] just have a lot of feelings!”)


things you should know before getting a guinea pig

when people find out i have guinea pigs, they automatically starting asking me questions and i happily answer since i love talking about them! some people ask out of curiosity others because they want to get one.

for any one who is interested in knowing more about guinea pigs (or getting one), this one’s for you.

  1. they ‘whistle‘, ‘talk‘, and grr. some also popcorn.
  2. piggies love food! they eat timothy hay, pallets, and vegetables only; occasionally some fruits.
  3. their teeth never stop growing. to keep them short they need to be constantly chewing things.
  4. adopt before you shop. if you can’t find any up for adoption near you, check craigslist. most piggies there are sold with a cage and food and are in need of a new home. consider a pet store your last option.
  5. they need company. get two piggies of the same gender if you can. don’t get a piggy if you’re not gonna be there for it. they miss you when you’re gone.
  6. they should be taken outside regularly so they can eat grass and exercise. just supervise them at all times! you can also give them floor time for more indoor exercise.
  7. they need a big cage. those small pet store starter kits don’t cut it. they grow out of them. so invest in a big one since the start.
  8. like us, they all have their different attitudes, likes, and dislikes, and you should respect them. they’re also shy and get scared easily.
  9. there’s a proper way to grab them. don’t forget their butt – it’s the heaviest part.
  10. piggies clean themselves, but still need proper grooming, especially super hairy ones. baths, manis, pedis, and hair cuts for some.
  11. they last an average of 5-8 years. be ready to commit!
  12. NO, they do not swim. NO, they can’t be on those hamster balls. They are not a toy!
  13. they don’t need shots, but they still need to see the vet sometimes.
  14. they poop a lot. so their cages have to be cleaned weekly! no excuses.
  15. they don’t stink! they will if you don’t clean their cages or give them baths.

Later on i will do another post explaining more in-depth these points for those of you who have questions! I’ll keep you posted:)

did i miss something? let me know!

thank you for your interest :D!

much love, diana + napo + linda


* videos respectfully borrowed from youtube and instagram for piggy education. credit belongs to their owners. *

a new addition to napo’s cage!

napoleon got a little yoda picture for his cage! he’s now one of the cool guys with posters on his wall. so rebellious. all he needs now is a pink floyd one!


don’t worry, star wars fans, i don’t think he’ll eat the picture. he’s a pretty calm piggy; doesn’t even chew on toys.


^ admiring his poster. i guess every boy wants to be jedi! ^

linda: peruvian piggy

I’ve seen many people specify the types of guinea pigs they have. i have tried to figure out what mine were just for the fun of it but never actually came to a final conclusion. (as a matter of fact, i don’t even know all the types that exist. i just know two by name: abyssian and peruvian. but if i saw piggies, i wouldn’t be able to tell what kind each was.)

the other day, though, i was on instagram and saw a piggy that looked just like linda! the owner of the piggy described her as a peruvian, so i knew linda had to be that.

so ladies and gentlemen, an explanation to linda’s crazy hair: she’s a peruvian :D! yay!

IMG_7802 IMG_7803 IMG_7809

^ linda’s reaction to this recent discovery ^ 

for those of you who own piggies, do you know what type napoleon might be? it would be cool to know!

how we’re dealing with the weather

first off,

happy new year! :)

we hope you had fun over the holidays! did you eat as much as we did? we still kinda are, to be honest.. why is food soo good haha! but, gosh, can you believe that we’re already 10 days into january?? wow!

this year brought with itself really cold weather! (ok, maybe our city doesn’t have it as cold as others do, but still, it is pretty cold for us!) especially when there’s wind. regardless, i still really love this weather. i like going outside and seeing the dark sky and my surroundings as if they had a blue filter on them, and feeling like i need to get wrapped up in a big jacket and snuggle. i also like that i can go in bed and feel the perfect temperature under my comforter. not too hot, not too cold. just right. ahh! so cozy! <3

my pets are still getting used to the cold. they are potty trained to go outside, so whenever they get an urge, they go do their business, and come back running as fast as they can! especially angie, who has to wear two sweaters and sleep under big comforters in order to not shiver. poor thing! jimmy doesn’t seem mind to mind it. he still runs around and takes naps in the concrete. at night though he does go into his cage and sleeps in his blankets. max doesn’t get bothered by the cold either. his rolls keep him warm all day long! except when he goes outside. he doesn’t spend as much time exploring lately, but i don’t blame him. that little nose of his probably freezes. plus, he hates wearing sweaters so that’s not a way to help him keep warm, sadly. cake is the smart one! she’s loves taking naps on the floor, but since it has been super cold lately, she goes into my grandfather’s room to nap there since he always has the heater on. and at night she sleeps in a recliner he has there. she has it all figured out..

napoleon and linda jump from corner to corner of their cage; from floor to their blankets. they always do that so i don’t know if they’re actually cold.. they have a lot of thick hair and seem the same to me.

today, however, i carried napo and wrapped him in a big scarf i was wearing. he loved it! he was so comfortable that i felt bad for putting him down.


to make up for it, i put my scarf on his bed so he could cuddle with it, since it was still warm from the both of us.


he melted!!

IMG_7676  IMG_7677

i think that means he loved my idea..


linda figured out how to open her cage and jump from it to the floor and back in. i don’t know how she figured that one out, but she did. she’s always been rebellious though.. her wild can’t-be-tamed spirit :p so i often find her under my bed in a blanket that fell or a pillow that the piggies have now conquered and proclaimed as both theirs.


how cold is it where you live? what do you and your pets do to keep warm? :)

p.s: did you see we changed our theme? i like it! i hope i don’t miss the other one too much to change it back.. we’ll see!

have a nice day!! :)