things you should know before getting a guinea pig

when people find out i have guinea pigs, they automatically starting asking me questions and i happily answer since i love talking about them! some people ask out of curiosity others because they want to get one.

for any one who is interested in knowing more about guinea pigs (or getting one), this one’s for you.

  1. they ‘whistle‘, ‘talk‘, and grr. some also popcorn.
  2. piggies love food! they eat timothy hay, pallets, and vegetables only; occasionally some fruits.
  3. their teeth never stop growing. to keep them short they need to be constantly chewing things.
  4. adopt before you shop. if you can’t find any up for adoption near you, check craigslist. most piggies there are sold with a cage and food and are in need of a new home. consider a pet store your last option.
  5. they need company. get two piggies of the same gender if you can. don’t get a piggy if you’re not gonna be there for it. they miss you when you’re gone.
  6. they should be taken outside regularly so they can eat grass and exercise. just supervise them at all times! you can also give them floor time for more indoor exercise.
  7. they need a big cage. those small pet store starter kits don’t cut it. they grow out of them. so invest in a big one since the start.
  8. like us, they all have their different attitudes, likes, and dislikes, and you should respect them. they’re also shy and get scared easily.
  9. there’s a proper way to grab them. don’t forget their butt – it’s the heaviest part.
  10. piggies clean themselves, but still need proper grooming, especially super hairy ones. baths, manis, pedis, and hair cuts for some.
  11. they last an average of 5-8 years. be ready to commit!
  12. NO, they do not swim. NO, they can’t be on those hamster balls. They are not a toy!
  13. they don’t need shots, but they still need to see the vet sometimes.
  14. they poop a lot. so their cages have to be cleaned weekly! no excuses.
  15. they don’t stink! they will if you don’t clean their cages or give them baths.

Later on i will do another post explaining more in-depth these points for those of you who have questions! I’ll keep you posted:)

did i miss something? let me know!

thank you for your interest :D!

much love, diana + napo + linda


* videos respectfully borrowed from youtube and instagram for piggy education. credit belongs to their owners. *

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