like if we were in ‘Big’

* big as in tom hanks BIG, the 1988 film, carnival scene where he makes the wish to zoltar. (haven’t seen the movie? what?! you must!)

we’ve been saying for years that the next time the carnival comes, we’ll go and get a corndog. that has not happened until it finally did last week :D! no corndog though. i didn’t crave it at the moment. i regret it now :(

IMG_8489IMG_8479 IMG_8495  IMG_8500

we only got on two rides cuz the lines were too long and david and i don’t have patience for that. also we were super hungry and just wanted to eat and not throw up in a ride, haha.


foot-long hot dogs ended up being our dinner:IMG_2854

i can’t believe we ate from here, haha. our moms would disapprove so bad!


IMG_8517  IMG_8523

we passed by a stand that had birds and bunnies (as prices, we supposed) (i know, it’s horrible, don’t even get me started cuz i’ll cry of anger). we loved that little white bunny, though. he looked like he had no worries in the world. happy fella! sorry we couldn’t rescue you, boy :( …

besides bunnies,

little things i saw i wanted to take home: IMG_8569 IMG_8575 IMG_8497IMG_8492

I LOVE merry-go-rounds! not riding them, but looking at them. their details, and colors, and lights. everything!

IMG_8540  IMG_8549

if you’re a Bob’s Burger’s fan: i took this picture with Tina in mind.


bye, carnival! see you whenever i crave a corndog again!
candid picture of david. we were both exhausted!!

we decided to go home to sleep. but on our way, we started talking, woke up a little more, then passed by walmart and i got the urge to go purchase things i swore i needed haha. it ended up being a star wars lego run as both of us got one.

mine: a mini millennium falcon!

see, just the necessities!


david: thank you for waiting for me while i took pictures and for buying me lemonade. i love you. and sorry i dropped your stormtrooper’s helmet under a stranger’s car. my bad :( you’re a good sport!


farmer’s market: valentine’s day

david and i aren’t the kind of people to celebrate valentine’s day. just not our thing. however, when we found out the farmer’s market was going to be that saturday, we decided to go out:) (also he had a gig that night – went well btw! people had a good time!).

our farmer’s market is not that big, but we like it. it is held downtown in a little historical plaza once a month. the people are nice and there is always a lot of delicious mexican food.

we got there early so there weren’t many people; thus we got to comfortably enjoy every booth. this time we also invited grandma and my sis to join us. they really liked it! especially my grandma, who went crazy buying flowers and herbs and veggies– the main reason why i took her.

here are some pictures from that day!

IMG_8385 IMG_8399 IMG_8386 IMG_8391 IMG_8400IMG_8397IMG_8390IMG_8394  IMG_2700IMG_8393 IMG_2714IMG_8411 IMG_8414

we also went last november. here are some pics i never got a chance to share:

IMG_6860IMG_6866   IMG_6872

that’s a tortilla made with nopales. might be green but it was good


i love our downtown. i’m glad it’s being appreciated more and more once again.

currently i..

am watching it’s always sunny in philadelphia again because i just love danny devito and charlie day so much.

like the 70º weather we have but am sad that those 50º weather days won’t be back ’til next winter.

want to travel.

am crossing my fingers hoping i get a cool part to play for my theater class’ production.

constantly look at apartments in other cities, in hopes of moving out after getting my degree.

have an urge to cook something thanks to laura vitale.

love the time i get to spend with my grandmother. (it makes me feel like i’m little again).

really like all of my classes this semester.

can’t wait to go to the farmer’s market on valentine’s day with david and grandma.

love my piggies. and little dresses. always.


building legos: lego friends

i really like legos but never had any as a kid. i was always curious and would admire other people’s work, but i never asked my parents for a set. don’t know why.. now that i’m in my twenties i’m sort of getting into them thanks to my boyfriend, David. (he has an Instagram account dedicated to legos. you can check it out here).

the other day i found four lego sets that belonged to my little sister. three were opened and one was brand new. a little statue of liberty was later found inside a box, too.

i started building two and they turned out to be such cute sets!

my favorite one:

the café shop

IMG_7855 IMG_7868 IMG_7856IMG_7858IMG_7861IMG_7859 IMG_7863 IMG_7865

the next morning, david came over and together we built the one that was unopened. it turned out to be this little ranch with stables. then he built the statue of liberty and a performing stage for legos.

IMG_7875 IMG_7876

this is how it turned out:

the horse stables

IMG_7878 IMG_7881 IMG_7884 IMG_7887 IMG_7888 IMG_7892 IMG_7893IMG_7899^ an aerial shot of the property :p ^

If you liked this post, stay tuned because soon we will be building more legos!