building legos: lego friends

i really like legos but never had any as a kid. i was always curious and would admire other people’s work, but i never asked my parents for a set. don’t know why.. now that i’m in my twenties i’m sort of getting into them thanks to my boyfriend, David. (he has an Instagram account dedicated to legos. you can check it out here).

the other day i found four lego sets that belonged to my little sister. three were opened and one was brand new. a little statue of liberty was later found inside a box, too.

i started building two and they turned out to be such cute sets!

my favorite one:

the café shop

IMG_7855 IMG_7868 IMG_7856IMG_7858IMG_7861IMG_7859 IMG_7863 IMG_7865

the next morning, david came over and together we built the one that was unopened. it turned out to be this little ranch with stables. then he built the statue of liberty and a performing stage for legos.

IMG_7875 IMG_7876

this is how it turned out:

the horse stables

IMG_7878 IMG_7881 IMG_7884 IMG_7887 IMG_7888 IMG_7892 IMG_7893IMG_7899^ an aerial shot of the property :p ^

If you liked this post, stay tuned because soon we will be building more legos!

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