a week in yucatan – part I

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yucatan is a place that my family and i really love. we stay in mérida, the capital, for about a week, rent a car, and drive all over the peninsula to different little historical towns, mayan structures, the beach, or wherever our heart desires.

this spring break we went there. here are some pictures if you’re interested in exploring mexico :)

downtown Mérida


on sundays they close some streets downtown so people can ride their bikes

IMG_8785IMG_8817IMG_8814IMG_8812IMG_9649 IMG_9651 IMG_9679


IMG_9667  IMG_9682 IMG_9686 IMG_9707 IMG_9711


Ría de celestun

this was a little river in a town called celestun. we went on this little boat that will take your around the celestun biosphere reserve where you would see flamingos, pelicans, and other natural formations.

we went to see the flamingos, which were just ‘chilling’ in one area. don’t worry, guides keep their distance to not harm their environment much.


our guide said that if one goes in the morning, they can see thousands of flamingos! we only got a chance to see a couple hundreds. IMG_8896

baby flamingos. those are white!
can you see the flying flamingos?

the flamingos a little closer. sorry my photography skills aren’t that good here ): but those flamingos were flamingo-colored and pretty, i promise!IMG_8887


a pelican island!



then out of nowhere our guide navigated the boat into the “bushes” and into this little tunnel made of trees. it was cool but kinda scary. he said that there is a night excursion done there to look at alligators. i sort of felt like i was in The Muppet Movie (1979) when kermit is in the swamp :D! IMG_8978IMG_8977



then we stepped down onto a dock that led to several ojos de agua, which are natural sources of fresh water that can even be present in the ocean, according to a sign there. again, if we would’ve gotten there earlier, when the tide wasn’t high, we could’ve seen it, but we didn’t.

IMG_9001 IMG_9016 IMG_9017

or guide didn’t let us go any farther because there a lot of termites who eat the wood, or the wood gets rotten, etc, and it was dangerous. but this is where the ojo de agua was supposed to be. i think he said one can actually swim there.IMG_9005IMG_9025

convento de san antonio de padua, izamal

 IMG_9118 IMG_9132 IMG_9179

this tiny town was completely yellow! (kinda. on the outskirts everyone had the color they wanted). my sisters joked about how someone living there would give directions  to get to their house: “my house is the yellow house, next to the yellow house!”

anyway, this town is known because Pope John Paul II visited that church in 1993. it also has several mayan ruins. I had a book with more information on towns like this one, but i don’t know where it is :( oh well..

i hoped you enjoyed this little section of yucatan!

part II coming soon! :)

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