life lately: april

I always loved the way pictures taken by an old camera would turn out. so i thought, why not!, and got myself a little toy one for my birthday. its name: diana mini. just perfect!

it uses film, and after getting my pictures developed, i wanted to share some with you because i was so excited! nothing like that waiting period to see how your pictures turned out.

so, here are some pictures taken by the diana mini and by two disposable cameras :)

you can click any image to enlarge.

sorry not sorry for the pet overload! I just can’t help it.. :)

have a happy sunday! :D

2 thoughts on “life lately: april

  1. Hey Diana, first I want to thank you for your lovely comment on my ebook about blogging – I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it – your comment really made my day!

    Then, I head over to your blog and the first photos I see are with a diana mini and they are photos of pugs – so you made my day twice!! Thank you :) My boyfriend also loves guinea pigs so I’ll be showing him your photos later too!

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog :) keep up the good work

    Rhianne – (For the easily distracted…)

    p.s. my blog traffic has declined too – I think its because most people use a reader now more than numbers actually going down – so don’t lose heart and keep blogging for yourself.

    1. Rhianne! Thanks for stoppying by in my little corner of the internet! It means a lot :)!

      Those were the first pictures i took why my Diana, of course they were gonna be of my piggies and dogs ;) haha! I’m glad you liked them and I hope your boyfriend does too!

      And, no, yeah, I’ll keep blogging cuz i like it. Your words motivated me. Thanks for them :)

      Have a nice day! <3

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