“Tienen animales muy exóticos!”

“You have very exotic pets!” …is what my cousin’s husband said over dinner as he visited our home for the first time and met (almost) all of our pets.

there’s napoleon and linda, the guinea pigs;

max, cake, angie, and jimmy, the dogs;

my mom’s nameless bird;

sebastian the fish, which my sister got a friend’s party (it was a centerpiece, can you believe it?! it’s a living thing!! but oh well, we rescued it, I suppose. he seems happy!);

and now we have a new member…



my little sister got it for her 12th birthday. i know, i know, adopt don’t shop, and all that, but believe me! we looked, even in craigslist, and there was no hedge in need of a home.

she became like a walking hedgehog encyclopedia because of how much she researched about them. so when her birthday came my dad drove her to a farm 3 hours away to get little alexander.

she has been super responsible with him. i mean, all he does is sleep, mostly, but when he’s up boy does he poop! and she cleans it without making a fuss – she even feeds him worms!! need I say he even has an instagram… I face-palmed when she told me but it’s kinda cute and she has fun running it, just like I have fun writing this blog, so.

IMG_0689 IMG_0699   IMG_0702 IMG_0671

He’s been using the cage Napo and Linda used when they were babies too. Once they got bigger, we transfer them to a new cage more fit for their size. For right now that one is perfect for him. And we’re currently on the hunt for a wheel cuz he’s already gaining weight!


welcome to the family, grumpy little thing

oh! also welcome to the family grandma’s weird birds that sound like those blue birds from the pixar short! these:

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