watching over little napoleon at night

My little baby.

I loooooove him!<3

IMG_8187 IMG_8188


bed head


I know he seems alright, but I was scared that maybe he was sick cuz I had offered him watermelon and he didn’t want it when he usually loves it, and he didn’t even come out of his bed when I called him when he’s usually the first one to wheek and run toward me. Then I brought cilantro and he only ate some. Linda ate both the watermelon and the cilantro and she ran to my feet when I called her name, in comparison.

I’ll keep an eye on him tonight. I think he was just tired or not hungry. Maybe it’s even his teeth that hurt, I don’t know. He’s a pretty big sleeper at night, so I hope it’s that. Either way he’s sleeping with me tonight just in case. (I keep peeking under my comforter to see him. He comes out and sleeps next to me occasionally. Right now he’s next to me foot.)

IMG_8196  IMG_8191

My poor baby. I hope you’re fine. :(

6 thoughts on “watching over little napoleon at night

  1. So cute! Do you have any tips for scared/stubborn guinea pigs who don’t like being touched, as I don’t know if mine is scared of us, scared of being touched or stubborn!
    Isabelle x

    1. Hi Isabelle. Is the guinea pig new to your home? If so it might just be that. They take a bit to get used to. Mine sometimes get scared for the littlest things even if they have been with me for years. It is just their nature to be aware of their surroundings for protection and to know when to run away. Give the piggy his/her space while playing and be gentle and offer veggies to show him/her that you are friends :) Sometimes holding them near your chest and petting them very softly in the head assures them safety too. I hope that with time this gets better since guinea pigs are such smart and loyal creatures. Let me know if you have any other questions or if the problem persists. I’ll be happy to help!

    2. Aw that sucks! Sorry to hear that. My piggies sometimes don’t like being touched either. I know mine HATE their butt being touched, so I leave them alone. Sometimes I have to catch them in order to carry them, but I never make them feel uncomfortable or get mad. I think that is just how guinea pigs are. But again, it varies from piggy to piggy. Give her space (don’t constantly be trying to touch her) but also make her know that she’s not alone since they tend to get bored/sad if they’re alone. I hope your problem gets a little better. But I really don’t know what other tips to give you at the moment :( Sorry. Maybe that is just how your piggy is; scared or a little stubborn like your said.

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