anatomy class

I just dissected a cat!
Well, skinned one and looked at it’s muscles. We’re opening him up another day.
He was a black male cat, and my lab partner and I named it Sheldon.
It was a really neat experience to do so. It was a little sad at first but later you see the educational value.

I just wanted to write about it because I came out of class and was so excited :)

p.s: my anatomy lab professor said it we had the best dissection in class so far!
p.s.s: I’m passing both his class and the lab! yay!!

p.s.s.s: (too many s’) if I knew how to do yoga, I would be be doing some right now. I am sitting in a bench in school next to trees and it’s empty and there is a lot of fresh air running. it is so relaxing. I needed that. I just wished a had a burger with me right now..

have a nice weekend! and if you have a burger, enjoy it cuz I’m jealous of you!

– diana

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