afternoons outdoors with mom, dad, and the dogs.

hello friends!

how’s your weekend going? I hope well! today had SUCH an amazing weather!! I felt productive and spent it outdoors with my parents cleaning our front yard.


i like these days when we go outside. i like seeing my neighbors do the same thing. i love, love, love that the kids in our neighborhood still go outside and play basketball and ride their bikes. makes me happy.

in october of last year, my guinea pig napoleón passed away (one of the worst feelings of my life), and in november i planted some tulips in front of his little grave. it made me happy to see that they have started to grow out of the floor.

File_002 (4)

you can’t really see, but there are 8 tulips raising from the ground. yay napo and your tulips! i guess it’s from my mexican roots to believe that the dead are still among us and should be celebrated and showered with flowers. so i think a big part of me thinks he hears me and likes his flowers and, somehow, it was because of him that they grew. i don’t know. just being honest and putting my thoughts out here.

thank you for stoping by friends :). I just wanted to share this really cool day with you all. and i wanted to wish you a good – what’s left of this – saturday and soon-to-be sunday. here’s to more days with weather like this!



p.s: kind of bad to end this post on a sad note, but as i was walking to our mailbox i saw a little bird egg that had fallen from a tree and shattered. made me realize life can end in a second and made me so sad. i had never seen that in life. poor mamma and dada bird. and little bird. :( have you ever seen that? it sucks. :(

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