ideas: outdoor dinner and a movie


I love hosting little dinners here and there with my friends. (this is one we had back in november, if you’re interested.) but since we’re all away in different cities for college, it becomes a little hard to get together. soo, a girl can dream and plan an affair as such in none other than good ol’ pinterest!

here are some pictures i found. if i found the blog owner i tagged them because it ain’t cool to just steal pics, and if i didn’t tag anyone it was because i saw the same picture 20 times around pinterest and didn’t know who it belonged to. so yeah, enjoy!

by local milk

by fresh exchange


by harper’s bazaar

by anthropology


by offbeat + inspired

these pictures feel so cozy. make me want to be there. getting a blanket and watching a movie outdoors – ugh, my dream! if the weather permits, i might suggest this for my birthday this upcoming april. (cuz i’ve been wanting this since years ago!) Even if my friends can’t make it – i don’t blame them, it’s college – i can do this with my family, david, my best buddy esteban, and all of our pets!

what are your thoughts? have you ever hosted/been to a dinner or a movie outdoors? was it awesome?

let me know and have a very nice sunday, friends!


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