a weekend in mexico city with the boyfriend

hello friends! if you read my blog, you’ll notice that my family and i often go to mexico city. we just love it. i don’t know, something about that place is special..

during spring break, boyfriend invited me to go with him, his dad, and brother. i think it’s the first time david and i travel by plane together elsewhere. we are lucky to have had the chance to do so. it was so much fun. here are some pictures of our trip in case you’re interested. as always, i appreciate you taking the time to read my posts! :)

File_000 (11)

we were welcomed with a lot of wind and some rain. it had a bright side to it since it took with it all of the smog that gets stuck in this city. sadly though, when we left, the city entered this extreme pollution state in which people couldn’t do activities outdoors, couldn’t drive their cars certain hours, among other things to keep them safe and to stop more pollution from happening. kind of scary isn’t it? i believe (hope) they’re better now.

IMG_0446IMG_0454 IMG_0451  IMG_0441 IMG_0456

museo nacional de arte.


palacio de correos. main postal office.


isn’t this the prettiest postal office you’ve ever seen?! it’s amazing!


museo nacional de antropología.


IMG_0621 IMG_0624

piramides de teotihuacan.


david, his dad, and brother had the guts to climb this monster! i was sick and could barely breathe through my nose, plus the altitude didn’t help, and it was so windy – excuses. i could’ve probably done it. i hurt my knee pretty badly afterwards. but i got halfway!

IMG_0678 IMG_0702

notice anything? this is a pyramid that was replicated in the museum of anthropology in what is believed to be its original color. scroll up and you’ll see it!


i love taking pictures of david, can you tell?


basilica de la virgen de guadalupe.

  File_001 (6) IMG_0749 IMG_0742IMG_0750

having mass here made my day so much better. such good vibes in this place.

anyway friends, we hope you enjoyed our little post on our trip! If you would like any tips when traveling to mexico or more blog posts (of any sort) please let me know! if you are thinking about visiting this place, PLEASE GO! it is beautiful, the food is delicious, people are nice, and don’t worry, a lot of them speak english.

thanks for stopping by!

have an amazing tuesday.


pictures taken with: iPhone 6s, canon eos 6D 24-105mm lens, 50mm lens.

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