perler beads + friends: a crafting party!

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by that title, i either sound like a mom or a 7 year old, haha. that’s ok, i like doing kid stuff. those who are kids at heart are the funnest people, am i right? ;p kidding. but yes, as you can see from my photos, my a-little-over-20-yr-old good friends, boyfriend, and i gathered last weekend to have a crafting party! more specifically, a perler bead crafting party.

perler beads are basically these beads that you put in a plastic board, and you arrange them in a certain manner (to form any character or thing of your liking), you pass an iron over them, they melt, and ta-da! you have a perler bead creation!

Instax - March 2016 5

my sisters told me these were all the rage years ago and that I’m late in the trend. but i don’t care. they’re fun to make. i would see these all the time in comic con conventions: zelda, star wars, pokemon, super heroes – you name it! the first ones i bought were groot and rocket from guardians of the galaxy (love that movie!).

while in mexico city, david and i stumbled upon this store that sold everything you needed to make them for a really cheap price. we bought 3 sets and made pokemons, ghosts from mario games, and hamtaro. when i showed my friend esteban he was like “WHAT ARE THOSE? THEY LOOK AWESOME!” So we decided to go to walmart, buy beads, then get together at his house and crafted for HOURS. pizza and wings were our fuel for staying up till like 4 or 5 in the morning doing these. afterwards we slept like babies in his couch. then again in the morning we beaded some more!

Instax - March 2016 10

esteban and dd now send me photos of items they have created on their own with captions like, “you’ve created a monster!!” haha.

oh, how i love my friends. i’ll take staying up till those hours of the night in someone’s house, making characters from our childhood than at some loud club, drinking. nerdy things like these are what makes us happy and unite us. <3

how do you spend weekends with your friends? would you give perler beads a try? did you see the cat photo up on top? did you know he’s a famous internet cat?! :o

alright friends, thanks for stopping by. have a very nice day! :)


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