saturday classes.

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so i started taking classes on saturday in our local community college. they’re called continuing education courses. they’re mostly for folks who want to certify in microsoft office programs, or as nurse assistants, or pharmacy technicians, or, like me, to be a substitute teacher.

i don’t know why I’m really doing this. i don’t want this to be my full-time job or my plan B. i think I’m just doing this more for the experience; both for school (to be in my resume) and for when i have my own children (the best way to approach them about a school situation/homework, etc).

this past saturday i finished the course and got certified. i’m so happy to have this under my belt. it was a fun experience and i learned more about kids. my respect for educators went up way, way more. they are amazing people.

if the opportunity for me to substitute actually does present itself, i’ll take it. even if it’s just for one class.

the photos above are from the college. back then it used to serve as a fort, leaving us today with buildings to remember its history. i took them while in a break the professor gave us. y’know me, always having a camera at hand. thought i’d share what my day looked like.

FullSizeRender IMG_5261

i love that this city keeps surprising me with all the things it has to offer. hidden gems everywhere for sure. and to think this city was ranked the most boring.. i beg to differ.

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