friday, october 23: plants, a test, and the biggest hurricane in history

posted saturday, written friday.

· plants:

about a little more than a week ago I planted some seeds my sister gave me. today the look like this:

Snapchat-1048174921339981529_1Snapchat-7733262865128129651_1 Snapchat-9049656206728386831  Snapchat-1987946523578622708

napo and I spent a few minutes outside exploring and admiring that beautiful baby cilantro that will someday be in both our bellies. once the weather gets colder I’ll move the plants inside to be able to (hopefully) have them year-round.

· a test:

today I took my anatomy lab test while looking at stinky cats’ muscles and trying to figure out which ones where which. nothing like walking out of that test feeling like a champ because I knew all of them and because I was about to eat tacos with my boyfriend and his band. and I did and they were delicious.

· a hurricane:

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 12.29.54 AM

let me start by saying, happy national doctors’ day to all physicians in mexico! I actually know two people who are working towards their medical degree right now over there. at this moment both of them– one being my beloved cousin– plus another high school friend, are in one of the states hurricane Patricia hit. the three of them report they’re safe, just that there is lots of rain. it is so scary how massive and strong that hurricane is. I was watching news channels from mexico and they all said that this hurricane could break the scale used to measure hurricanes, since the scale goes up to 5 but this one could we considered a 7. it has now been downgraded to 4, but it’s good to be safe and alert for anything. biggest hurrinane in history, wow.

Oh, Friday. Thank you for being a challenging, yet interesting day; fun too, except for the whole 400-200 km per hour hurricane.

My dear reader, I hope you have a very nice day and weekend! Make sure you don’t get soaked if you catch some rain too. And if you can, send your love and prayers to the people in mexico.


Oh rainy day, Oh happy day

IMAG0128 IMAG0129

well, happy day for some. it was a little overwhelming getting to school today with this rain. I don’t know how my little car got through it all but it did. Good boy.

I wasn’t excited for this friday – or lately any friday, since fridays now I mean I have to spend three hours dissecting a stinky cat for my anatomy class. but waking up to pouring rain and witnessing my sisters attempting to get into my dad’s car without getting wet on their way to school changed my perspective for today. even if mom and I almost got stuck in a river and even if I got late to class, today is a good day. so friends, happy friday!

good, happy things that happened this week:

  • I’m an aunt!
  • I developed three roles of film.
  • I cut David’s hair.
  • My boyfriend, my sister, and I gave Alexander the hedgehog, Max the pug, and Napo and Linda the guinea pigs baths.
  • I saw my friend’s baby bump in her baby shower and ate tacos.
  • I submitted an application to study abroad during the winter and I got accepted!
  • My blog turned one year old and I gave it a new look.
  • I discovered new blogs and that makes me happy.
  • This is my 80th blog post.

Snapchat-2820371546942355136 Snapchat-8502973306325941110 Snapchat-2471069135171409515

Snapchat-7531917160364599919 (1) Snapchat-9048715683131694728 (1) Snapchat-8024602932807270299

once again, happy friday friends!

have a good one :)


an afternoon with alexander, angelica, david, & my pentax

almost a month ago I received on the mail a pentax film camera from the 70s that david got for me.  it is so so pretty. the moment I pulled it out the box I fell in love with it. i couldn’t stop thanking david enough.

here are some photos I took with it that I wanted to share with you guys:)

aren’t my models the best? I love it when I capture pictures of David laughing.

I still need to play with my camera a little bit more, and maybe even try a different photo lab, but overall I was happy with the results. bothering grumpy alexander and telling him not to eat my shoe is always fun.

happy wednesday!


photos taken in our univesity, david’s house, and my front yard with a Pentax MX using Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400 35mm film.

september photo challenge: week three

boyfriend's 22nd
he turned twenty-two <3
photo from almost a year ago when we went to the rooftop of a building and enjoyed the view even if it was cold
photo I found from almost a year ago when we went to the rooftop of a building downtown after our first visit to the farmer’s market. I love it.
a camera.
..a camera.
one makeupless eye
one tired eye.
I don’t know but I have a good feeling for next year when I turn 22.. I hope good things come.

photo challenge I’m (sort of) following here.

photos from my phone and david’s phone. (except the last one. owner’s link on picture.)

happy friday friends! :) – diana

my first photo challenge

Years ago, I saw people started to do these monthly photo challenges in Instagram.  I was interested but never actually did one. The other day in Pinterest I saw one again and I liked it, so I decided to do it for this September.

Instead of posting a photo everyday I’m going to share seven pictures in a post every week. That way it’s not overwhelming to my blog, and I could share what I saw that week comfortably and look forward to the day I write and share them with you :)

Here’s the challenge I’ll be following:

If you want to join me, go right ahead! :D And let me know so I can check out your pictures! If you wanna change a day up a bit, go for it, so will I, most likely :) Just have fun with it!

Happy Tuesday!

– diana

hand-drawn portraits

My dad has always been a lover of the arts. He likes paintings, pictures, books, music, plays, you name it. Although if you saw him walking down the street you probably wouldn’t think that about him, haha. He does not dress the stereotype of a man in his 40s that loves those things. I just think that when someone describes a man that like the arts a picture of a man with a wine in one hand discussing a piece he just bought from a very famous painter comes to mind, like in movies. Like a Frasier, for example. But na, my father is a beer guy! Like Frasier’s father, haha!

When we got to Puebla I found out that there was a place called “Barrio del Artista,” which means the artist’s barrio, and I had to tell dad. We went to walk around and when dad saw that the artists also drew portraits (some amazing ones by the way) he said “I’m gonna tell them to draw you guys!” He asked around and all of the painters told him to go to this one guy in specific: Gonzalo Márquez. They all said he was the best one, and by looking at his work, boy, he was! Dad called him and in 45 min he was already drawing my sisters and I.

We each had to sit in a chair facing whatever direction he told us and stay like that frozen for about an hour. It was a little hard, especially from my sister’s part, from what they told me. The only thing that was a little weird for me was looking at the man directly at his eyes – I am terrible at doing so! Also, it was a little embarrassing to be drawn in front of everyone. Sometimes we would get little crowds and other times random people would take out their phone and take pictures of us. We were like, “No, please stop! :'(” But couldn’t move so wouldn’t say anything. Who knows where those pictures are now ._. It’s different to share them yourself. But a complete stranger… Not nice, haha. To calm myself (and my sisters down) from people staring I would say, “They are not looking at you, they are looking at his drawing.”  It kinda worked.

Anyway, a few pictures from our experience!

IMG_7640   IMG_7641 IMG_7644  IMG_7646IMAG9758

I taught my Dad (he’s the man in black with his arms in the air) how take pictures with our camera. He had never used it before because he thought it was would be really complex. I gave it to him in the automatic setting and told him to just point, focus, and shoot. He did a good job for his first time! He was so excited. I loved seeing him like that. He looked like a happy child taking pictures of everything. Aw. I’ll never forget that.

So – some pictures by him, some pictures by my sisters, and some by me.

Drawing Astrid:

 IMAG9760 IMAG9761IMAG9768 IMAG9771

Drawing the littlest sister:

IMG_7716 IMG_7717IMG_7712 IMG_7742

A little family break:

I mean, people, we were there approx 3 hours! Bottoms up, padre.. You deserve it.

IMG_7709 IMG_7704IMG_7735 IMG_7773

Drawing me:

IMG_7750 IMG_7753IMG_7767 IMG_7768 IMG_7772 IMG_7774 IMG_7776 IMG_7785

^ Now these my little sister took. She was so excited about the whole process, and didn’t stop making fun of me. She would say, “You’re a statue!” cuz I wouldn’t move, and then she would laugh. But hey, I just wanted to make the guy’s job easier! I’m glad she documented this moment throughly though. ^

He did an amazing job. We were so, so happy with the results. Especially my dad. We couldn’t thank the artist enough. It was a really neat experience.

one of my favorite dates

This happened in May.

1. Boyfriend and I get dressed and go see the opening of our local theater production of The Graduate. – Amazing acting! We really, really enjoyed it.

2. Afterwards we pass by the bowling alley. We think about how fun it would be to go there. We do. He turns the car around and we bowl. We get our shoes and our names are Linda and Napo for the rest of the evening. He won. I think..

3. We got hungry. We went to Whataburger. I had pancakes, he had a bacon burger.

4. He drove me home. We talked for while outside my house in his Jeep, as we usually do.

5. We go to sleep in our own beds, in each’s home, wishing we could just live together and still be together for the rest of the night.

diana mini 2 16

oh, this hospital we live in..

Before I begin my day-long anecdote I must say that this one was only made for purposes of…knowledge, I suppose. It is all truthful, as I have been spending about two weeks of this month, except weekends, on a hospital bed. Not as patient but rather as a companion to my grandfather whom I love greatly. (He’s getting better, nothing to worry about). Regardless of the time I’ve been here, this post will only go over what happened today, Friday, May 29, 2015. This is not a rant or a funny entry, nor do I have amazing stories of patients coming in bleeding from a trauma or whatever is usually pictured when thinking of a hospital. I should note that this is a hospital that only has beds for patients to be in once a big hospital kicks them out, basically; and that’s it. Plus physical therapy and other things. No emergency room, no labor/delivery kinda thing, etc. But patients are well cared for. Again, this was only written for a short period of “entertainment,” I suppose, and knowledge of what goes on in a hospital like this, kinda, in case you’ve ever wondered. This is also written because I am a little bored and because I haven’t written a blog post in a while and I miss doing so. And because today was rather interesting!

Without further adieu, my story for today: 14 hours in this hospital…

7 am

I woke up with the sound of my grandfather’s ventilator’s alarm. I jumped. I mean, it goes off every five minutes without a reason, quite honestly. But this time it was louder and wouldn’t stop. I also heard another weird sound, like a vent. What had happened? There was a power outage. Yup. That happened. It’s the second time I see it in a hospital. Then I hear nurses rushing in to make sure the machine was plugged in to the outlet that goes to the hospital’s generator. I couldn’t go back to sleep.

8 am

Had those powdered mini donuts for breakfast. Good for the soul, not the body.

I go to a far away restroom since I’m afraid of using the one in the room. Interesting for you to know this, I know. But it is shared between this and another room. Not happening.

9 am

Nurses came back in to clean, weight, bathe, and change my grandpa’s mattress. Power came back on finally, yay! But then we found this big patch of irritated skin on my grandfather’s back. I can’t believe we never saw it.

10 am

Last night I watched Bridget Jones’s Diary for the first time (don’t kill me, fans). I saw that she was watching Frasier, Fatal Attraction and I cannot remember what else besides a documentary of lions mating. I love Fatal Attraction! Except for the bunny scene, blugh. I log onto Netflix and the first thing I see is Frasier up on top. Maybe the little Netflix wizards who are always recommending things did it on purpose. But it worked. I started watching it. I LOVE IT! It is so funny without being vulgar or annoying! The pilot hooked me. Probably one of the funniest I’ve seen.

11 am

A lot of commotion here in our floor. The fourth floor. The last floor. Floor of the senior citizens, apparently, and like one young guy. Everyone is getting physical therapy and walking around or exercising from their beds. Hurray for them!

A woman in the room next to us screaming randomly for help. Probably delusional or had no memory of where she is or why. Poor thing..

12 pm

I have a conversation with two nurses about living in Mars and underwater, eating astronaut food, and money scams. Never a dull moment here.

1 pm

I’m a really shy person. Not necessarily speaking to someone, but doing something new when people are watching. Might be the reason I still don’t have a drivers license. Prideful me don’t want others to see me fail or embarrass myself, you know? Anyway, I finally got the courage to do this thing that I wasn’t able to do yesterday: go to the cafeteria and use the microwave to heat up my Lean Cuisine pasta. Oh yeah.. I did it today! Then I sat alone and finished reading “The Aleph” by Jorge Luis Borges.

2 pm

Comfortably and happily enjoyed an elevator ride back to the room.

3 pm

I suction phlegms from grandpa’s throat with this plastic tube. I really like doing so. It doesn’t gross me out. It makes me feel like a nurse that knows how to do stuff! Grandpa hates it, but it helps him.

4 pm

A nurse comes in and puts grandpa’s machine back on. He was breathing by himself for 3 hours and I didn’t even know!

The pulmonary doctor comes in and tells me he was to speak with me privately. Oh, dear. He tells me my grandfather is doing well, but that he doesn’t know for much longer he will keep tolerating all the treatments he receives. He tells me he looks fine and is really strong, but that we have to understand that in his age not a lot can be done without complications. We get it. It’s just hard.

5 pm

Grandpa smiles at me. He can’t talk but, ugh, that smiles makes me so happy! That smile motivates me to be in my butt all day here. And those blue-gray eyes.

“Code Blue, ICU. Code Blue, ICU” is announced. Cadiopulmonary arrest in the Intensive Care Unit. I hate those announcements.

6 pm

Another doctor comes in. Better news. He tells me all of my grandpa’s doctors had a meeting and said that he is doing progress. It’s slow but it’s good progress. A big relief.

7 pm

I got hungry, so I went to the cafeteria to get some chips I craved while being there. It was closed. I took the stairs back and I saw that the second floor had a sign that said “ICU, Waiting Room, Human Resources, Education Classroom, Pharmacy” pointing to different directions. I went in and stared exploring. It was a bad-lit pink and gray labyrinth. The ICU door was at the end of the hallway with a covered window. So scary. I left.

8 pm

I glance at the TV I have on for my grandfather to see in case he gets bored: what the fuck are they showing nowadays?! Nope. I love you all the way, online streaming services.

9 pm

I am writing this post with different nurses next to me: respiratory, RN, CNA. I want to shower, sleep, and watch Rosemary’s Baby even if it’s weird. And eat some buffalo wings or nuggets. So hungry. I also can’t wait for my mom and aunt to be here tomorrow. Grandpa and I are 2 hours away from home.

10 pm

Tomorrow morning I am going to witness a minor surgery being performed on my grandpa; I’m excited. Although I think feeling that is wrong… I just got notified. And it’s gonna be done here in his room. The nurses are already setting up.

11 pm

Ta-da! This is published. Good night.

I hope you have an interesting day! I know I will…