DIY: How to hang pictures with thread and clothespins

I take a lot of pictures. There is nothing I love more than looking at them printed. Old ones, new ones, ones I took, ones I didn’t take, 4x6s, instax minis, square, anything! I hate it when they are locked inside a drawer; I just want to display all of them cuz I feel they’re all so pretty and special.

However, with the very little space I have in my room it can be tricky mounting things on my wall. Frames are too chunky and sometimes expensive; I really don’t want to puncture my photos with a thumbtack; and even when I put fun-tak or tape, they fold or fall. Thanks to several ideas on the internet, I finally found a great solution to that problem!

There are many ways to make this, but since this is what I had at hand, this is how I did mine. You should do yours with what you have in hand, too! If you don’t have clothespins, improvise! Use paperclips! Etc.

You can also purchase these already made online. Here are some I found in Urban Outfitters. I don’t know about you, but I find it a little ridiculous to waste almost $15 on something I can make for less than $5!

These have not failed me. I just keep adding more to my room. They are a great focal point and a way to brighten up your bedroom and display awesome memories. My walls always remain interesting since I keep moving and replacing photos. Also, this method doesn’t damage your walls, in case you’re renting an apartment where they, for some reason, don’t let you drill holes on the walls, or if you just don’t want to. Or if you know you get bored with things rapidly, you can always transfer these to another wall (or take them off altogether) very easily.


how to hang pictures with thread and clothespins:

FLAN - DIY Hanged pictures 0

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Do it yourself: Water bottle pots!

The first thing I saw when I started getting into gardening was the cost of good-looking pots: pricy! The more I got into it, the more I realized how creative gardeners were. They use anything – and I mean anything – at hand to plant seeds. Recycling is their forte. And, if you like gardening or want to get into it, I believe it should be yours too. You gotta get creative to save money!

I’ve seen people use cans, soda bottles, egg cartons, egg shells, ice cream tubs, bath tubs, old toilets, tires, shoes, wine bottles, and the list goes on and on, as planters!

If you read my previous blog post you saw that I used bottles of water to make pots for my seeds. So today I bring you this tutorial on how to make them. I would take planters looking like this any day – especially since they are recycled! – instead of those plain o’ black pots! Plus, the retain moisture which is perfect!



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last year’s thanksgiving & christmas dinner

every year my friends and i have both a thanksgiving and christmas dinner party. one is more formal than the other.

last year for thanksgiving we wore our sunday’s best and ate cordon bleu with mashed potatoes and spaghetti. for christmas, we wore our pj’s and had a breakfast buffet. all the food was delicious! everyone brings something to the table, literally and figuratively.

we either have our dinners before or after the holiday. we do this so everyone gets to spend time with their family.

i put myself in charge of decorating and organizing everything since i love doing that so much!

when i was on pinterest (as i usually am) trying to find ideas, i couldn’t find much on how to decorate the table. i wanted to make that area extra pretty and special since we spend most of our evening there. because of that, and in lieu of the upcoming holidays, i decided to make this blog post to give people ideas on how to decorate their holiday tables. i hope i am helpful to you!


this is what our thanksgiving table looked like last year:


i kept it simple, but I was pretty proud of myself. came out nicer than i thought it would! i sadly forgot to take a picture of all the food we had once our friends arrived. i was just so hungry and excited that i forgot!


we then had our christmas dinner where we exchanged gifts, wore comfy pj’s, and had delicious pancakes!

our table:


^ the booties on the wall were made out of foam and had everyone’s name ^


^ look at that glorious breakfast table! there was still more food missing, but i just couldn’t wait for my other friends to arrive. i needed to take a picture of our table^


we had lots of fun in our dinners and will, without a doubt, keep having them!

i sadly couldn’t find pictures of previous years, but if we have dinners this year, i’ll be sure to upload our tables and other decorations we have!


for more ideas, i recommend you look at pinterest. you should follow me, as i am always liking and repining cool things i stumble upon! :)

side note: i like to keep a low budget in everything i do. (it’s not that i’m cheap, but us college students are on a tight budget). everything you see I either reused from previous dinners, or got at different dollar stores. if you want to make a dinner, i recommend you look there first! it’s fun and cheap. if you decide to go to craft store, make sure you check if there are any coupons online that you can print. i always do that and it helps! target’s $1 section has pretty cute things, too!

have fun with your table!

happy holidays to all & god bless!