what’s the best thing to do after taking a chemistry and a statistics final?

get yourself a burger!


from a local burger place..IMG_8586

with the one you love.


then go to a store…


buy legos and build them in this car.

take your grandma to the bakery…


so she can socialize and get her fix of pan dulce.

IMG_8599  IMG_8602

take your dogs out!


they’ll really appreciate it.


build your sister’s hedgehog a cage…


to celebrate her birthday and his adoption anniversary.

then the next day go on a mini road trip with someone special.

or, well, this is what i did after my chemistry and statistic final this past friday.

everything was just perfect.

how’s your day? :)

a silly wish list.

i honestly just have a couple of bucks under my name, if anything, at the moment. hence this post. a post about cool things i’ve seen around the web that i honestly don’t have a need for (or money for), but would be cool to own. why does it always happen that anytime i find something neat i am out of money? ugh. a girl can dream, right?

anyway, here’s my current silly wish list accompanied by cute illustrations/photos:

jeffree star’s velour liquid lipsticks + others

but they’re always sold out..

anything by lomography

i love the surprise of not knowing how your photo will turn out until you develop it. i also really love the effects plastic cameras give your images; light leaks and vignetters take my heart. even if some people don’t like them.


because my guinea pig ate my last ones and i really miss them… damn you little robyn! (who i can’t stay mad at)


ok, these i do need. my current ones are broken and scratched. but i always hear stories of people spending upwards of $700 on glasses + exams and it scares me..

an automatic ball launcher for my dog

kind of silly (but then again, this is a silly wish list) because my golden retriever probably gets bored in our backyard and deserves it for being awesome..

paper shoot

a camera made out of paper. simple!

buuut, i know myself. once i get paid, that money will be spent on my guinea pigs, ha! oh well, i’d rather see them happy and well fed than me with yet another camera that i just want for my collection or more lipsticks that i’ll probably use just once.

what things are on your silly wish list at the moment? things that you want just for the fun of? let me know!

have a very nice day :)


p.s: creators (those that i found) of the illustrations are tagged on them.

apparently google photos turned my photos into gifs.


i’m not even mad. they look pretty cool. (i hope you can see them in action).

(1) a trip my zoology class had to our environmental science center

(2) napoleón and i

(3) thanksgiving with my goddaughter


do you use google photos? i don’t really trust it, but it keeps some of my old photos there.

i’m a little obsessed with sending gifs to my friends, so seeing these made my day.

happy thursday, almost friday friends!! hang in there!


the good and bad of life lately..

how are you!? I’ve missed you, my wordpress friends! feels so good to be writing to you again. (i mean, my last post was less than 20 days ago, but it feels longer!)

as the title suggests, i have a couple of good and bad news to share with you..

the good:

  • david and I went to mexico city for the weekend of spring break.
  • it was so neat to be in a city i really enjoy with someone i really love.
  • we went to museums and the pyramids.

the bad:

  • while we were over there, i got a call from my mother saying Linda, my beloved 3 year old guinea pig, had passed away.
  • we don’t know what happened or why she died. it was a shock for all us. my mother especially, since she’s the one who found her.
  • i think that since david and i were in a big city with his family, we weren’t able to cry or digest her death properly. we had to hide our emotions in front of everyone and keep going.
  • when we got back home, we buried her next to her brother, napoleón, who also left us this past october.


  • if linda was sick or if she suffered, anything, she is free of it and she is now with her brother, and they are both happily eating cilantro in piggy heaven. –– at least that’s what i tell myself.
  • I planted flowers around their little tombs and they’re already raising from the ground. other plants i also have are blooming too. –– makes me happy
  • i still have one more piggy with me, and since he’s a baby he needs a lot of attention and activities. –– so i also have to keep going cuz of him.
  • life is still good. god is great. everything happens for a reason. my guinea pigs and i have people who love us and we love them. ♥

File_000 (10)

we will miss you terribly linda.

anyway friends, i guess i just wanted to write this to have a little post in honor of Linda, since this is a space i truly love. more lifestyle, diy, travel posts coming your way pretty soon. sorry this is a little bit of a sad post, i just needed to write about this since a lot of people don’t understand how losing a  four-legged loved one is also a horrible feeling.

are you well? i hope so.

love you guys.

thanks for sticking around.


N ♡

I love my little tattoo. 

I love to look at it. 

I love to touch it. 

I love the meaning behind it. 

I love it when it peeks through my long sleeve shirts and I see the top of it. 

I love when people see it. 

I love to talk about it. 

I love that it makes me happy. 

I, strangely, love remembering the discomfort I felt as it was being permanently marked on me. 

I have other tattoo ideas I might get in the future.

But for now, I love my two little tattoos; my wrist one and my ear one.

Proud of him!

Not very long ago I go into gardening. It is hobby many of my close family members enjoy. The first herb I planted back in October was cilantro. It is now huge and beautiful. I now have that, a beautiful tomato plant, two red bell pepper plants, and a white onion. :)

My boyfriend got interested in plants too so I helped him plant some cilantro seeds. We planted them in Novemeber but they sadly never bloomed. 

Last week he decided to dump the dirty from the pot I lent him, since he was convinced his cilantro never grew.

BUT, when he was about to reach the pot, he saw that two cilantro plants had risen from the ground!!



I’m so proud of you boyfriend! Happy to see you happy. :)


Oh nature, you are amazing. Maybe a little lazy, haha. But amazing nonetheless! 

Moral of the story: Have hope my friends! 

And, have an amazing day!

–diana, david, and two strong cilantro plants.

hello friends

I feel distant from my blog. I haven’t posted anything since over a month ago. I promised myself I wasn’t gonna let that happen but it did. Maybe my New Years resolution (since I didn’t have any) can be to post often. I enjoy doing so and enjoy reading your blogs, and I hope you enjoy reading my content as well.

Little updates in my life: 

I just came back from my trip to India!

I started a new semester in school. 

Hmm.. I think that’s it. Apparently my life is not as interesting as I thought, haha. That’s alright. :)

Anyway, how are you doing friends?! How is this new year treating ya so far?

I will be posting photos, stories, and tips from my trip in case you guys are interested :)

For now, here is my outfit for today. Kind of silly but I feel so comfortable in this windy day. 


Have an amazing day friends. Happy Friday!


something better than a dance flashmob // plus star wars!

Just wanted to take a quick second to show you this awesome video I found while in Facebook! It’s of a town in Mexico that borders where I live.

The city’s youth orchestra surprised the public in a shopping mall with a flashmob, only that this wasn’t a dance! (I’m tired of those, aren’t you?) In lieu of its soon release (6 days to be precise!) they played the Star Wars theme song. HYPE!!

Click here to see the video in Facebook!

(I tried to embed it but wordpress didn’t let me. Sorry folks. You can still watch it even if you don’t have a Facebook. But I’m pretty sure everyone has now nowadays. Wait, my mom doesn’t have one.. Ok, maybe not everyone! But yeah!)

That video made me so happy! It helps as a distraction for those having a bad day and it is something different for our community that promotes a wonderful thing: MUSIC! And let’s not forget, Star Wars!! (Sorry, I’m just so excited with all of the promotions for this movie).



I am going to India.

I am studying abroad and taking a class during the winter break.

I have mixed emotions.

I was beyond excited after receiving my “Congratulations! You’ve been accepted!” letter.

As the date approaches, part of me has been like “WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME!? WHAT DID I DO?!”

Another part of me cannot believe I am going to the other side of the world. It makes me feel kind of brave.

The girly part of me wants to shop for clothes before departing, if I must be honest.

But overall, I am proud of myself for going to all of those department heads and asking for signatures, for facing the dean, and for submitting my application– regardless of what everyone told me about the food, the culture, the diseases, the dangers, the multiple “You’re crazy,” the “You don’t know what you’re talking about,”  and the sweet “You’ll get the worst diarrhea of your life!” from my sincere coworker.

I don’t care. I’ve always wanted to go. It’s a once in a life time chance and I took it.

I leave in twenty days for twenty days.

Photo on 12-6-15 at 2.55 PM
the shirt they gave us at orientation

 Is that too much info to put out in the internet? Oh well, I am happy!

burger king.

Instant Dinner

tonight we ran around town looking for a place to eat. we wanted tacos, but all the good, authentic mexican food places were already closed. we probably spent an hour searching. guess where we ended up eating: burger king.

we then ran back home to turn in homework that was due midnight.

my sister took this picture of us in front of the christmas tree before we left. too bad it didn’t come out :\ maybe next time!

i really love this man and our little adventures.

now we’re off to bed. goodnight!

p.s: this is my 100th blog post. yay!

gilmore girls with a pug

Photo on 11-23-15 at 8.21 PM  Photo on 11-23-15 at 8.21 PM #2 Photo on 11-23-15 at 8.22 PM #3  Photo on 11-23-15 at 8.22 PM Photo on 11-23-15 at 8.22 PM #4  Photo on 11-23-15 at 8.26 PM #2

this is max and i watching gilmore girls on netflix for probably the fifth time. so much love for that show. and for this pug. although he fell asleep two minutes into an episode, as you can see by his let-me-sleep-face and by his actual sleeping picture. haha. oh, little fella, you make me laugh as much as the gilmores do.

well, we’re off to bed. we hope you had a fun monday evening. boyfriend and i ate chick-fil-a and every bite was delightful. what did you do? do you like gilmore girls? do you bother your pets too and make them sit through shows they don’t like? am i mean? haha.

p.s. – i forgot how fun it was to use a mac’s photobooth. i shall use it more often!

sweet dreams! or good day, depending where you are! :)

–diana & max

quick update: from seed to veggies growth!








I go to my window and what do I see? These babies growing taller and taller and their babies blooming from the soil! Ah, you don’t know how happy this makes me! I have always wanted to plant veggies.

In the first pot we have snap peas, and in the rest cilantro. I’m gonna have to transplant all of the cilantro soon.

When spring comes, I’ll be sure to start a garden outdoors. :) Just wanted to do a quick update from my last post, where Napo and I went outside to admire their growth.

Have a very nice Friday!



· i can’t sit still.

· i really just don’t want to open my mouth to talk. sometimes i say too much.

· i want to sleep all day.

· i go many days without shaving my legs.

· i can’t even stand myself.

· i wanna dance even when there’s no music.

· i want to magically appear in another city.

· i am very organized and pay a lot of attention to detail.

· i am the world’s best procrastinator.

· i want to be a mom. sometimes the thought of bringing kids into this messed up world scares me.

one more day and this week is over.

4 methods of coping with this stressful week.

this has been a stressful week. not only for me but also for others; I’ve spoken to classmates, friends, and read other blogs and we all feel the same way.


in college, it just that time of the semester where everything just piles up, and you feel like you don’t have time, and you have many things due daily, and then there’s work, and tests to study for, bills to be paid and no money, meetings for annoying group projects, and now we have to register for classes for next semester.

those are just me and my classmates. I’m pretty sure you have stressful things going on in your life too. because of this hell of a week, I write this post. I know it’s not that easy to cope with stress but here are a few things that help me:

· vent. Tell a friend, a random stranger, write it out like I just did, say it out loud, whatever! Just put out there. Some people say it’s wining but it is not if it helps you feel better.

· exercise. You have all of this stress and anxiety inside of you that you need to let it out. When i feel my worst, like worst, when i’m crying of how bad things are, when I explode, I run. Even if I’m in a dress and in a place I don’t know. Afterward I feel so much better and can see things in a better light.

· breathe. Go outside and just take one moment to breathe in deeply several times and admire your surroundings and take everything in. Don’t think about anything. It’s just you and that place, and breathe. It might be hard but try it. Once you feel calm enough:

· make a list. I get overwhelmed pretty easily when I know I have several deadlines to meet. So, I make lists. First, I make a list of all the things I have to do then I read over it. Having everything written down gives me another perspective. A lot of the times when I do this I see the things I have due and am like “Oh…I can do that.” It was just my mind running crazy that made me feel so up to my neck. Once everything is clear I put the due dates and when I should work on them/submit them. By doing this I end up with a schedule, am calm and not all over the place.

These 4 things are the first that come to mind and that I do often when in this situations. They calm me and thanks to them I can make better decisions.

Remember, breathe. The week is almost over.

Do you have any tips to cope with stress? If so let me know :)

I wish you the best.


one of those sad moments.

you know that feeling where something, anything happens and it just ruins your mood completely and it changes it to something you do not want?

that feeling where all you wanna do is crawl into bed and go to sleep?

right now I wanna do just that; go to my bed, cuddle with my boyfriend, maybe have a comfort food or watch The Office, and go to sleep. hide away from the world by covering myself with my yellow comforter, and try to forget feeling like this. maybe even cry out of anger.

ugh. I feel so little.

And not in the child-like way. i mean the there-are-people-who-are-better-and-bigger-than-you sad way.

I even feel embarrassed. And for a prideful person like myself, embarrassment is not  something I can easily deal with. Should I try to suck it up ?

I’m writing this as a form to vent and in hopes that putting it out there will make feel not like this. Although I’m not sure if it is working or making me more self conscious. Oh well, it’s out there.

I feel bad for artists.

Any artist.
Designers, painters, musicians, you name it.

Not a lot of people get their work.
Not a lot of people appreciate all of the hours put into that project plus all the hours of practice needed to get that technique; all of that detail they managed to create, all of the things they had to do to get final result.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are people out there who are great enthusiasts of art. But art, even in its most minimalistic form, is sometimes not stopped and admired.
And that really sucks.

Support local artists. Attend museum exhibits. Encourage these wonderful creators.

my mother made me obsessed with snoopy

so I was exploring etsy, looking for a birthday gift for my mother, when I came across with this:

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 5.31.33 PM
listing on photo.

this plate, ladies and gentlemen, which may seem to you as just a wacky snoopy plate is actually  part of my childhood! I had one just like that, and I have vivid memories of my mother serving me my favorite foods on it. I even remember washing it and it being in the different places we lived in when I was a child.

if my phone wasn’t dead right now I would be sending my mother pictures and we would both be trying to remember where the heck we left it! my guess is: it’s in grandma’s house and it might be chipped :(

my mother was born in ’66, I was born in ’94, the listing for the plate says ’65 – this leaves me with the questions: did it belong to my mother before it belonged to me, or did they still make these when I was a child and she just purchased one then?

ooh, the questions, the feels, the memories!

even though that little clown snoopy is screaming my name and bringing childhood flashbacks to buy it, i don’t know if I will.

I just can’t believe I found it! I had completely forgotten about its existence. wow! I can’t wait to get home and show this to my mom!


has something like this ever happened to you? are you as obsessed as my mother and I are with this little white dog? are you going to watch the movie when it comes out?

ahh, i’m just too excited! have a very nice day :)


anatomy class

I just dissected a cat!
Well, skinned one and looked at it’s muscles. We’re opening him up another day.
He was a black male cat, and my lab partner and I named it Sheldon.
It was a really neat experience to do so. It was a little sad at first but later you see the educational value.

I just wanted to write about it because I came out of class and was so excited :)

p.s: my anatomy lab professor said it we had the best dissection in class so far!
p.s.s: I’m passing both his class and the lab! yay!!

p.s.s.s: (too many s’) if I knew how to do yoga, I would be be doing some right now. I am sitting in a bench in school next to trees and it’s empty and there is a lot of fresh air running. it is so relaxing. I needed that. I just wished a had a burger with me right now..

have a nice weekend! and if you have a burger, enjoy it cuz I’m jealous of you!

– diana

can I already get to that point in my life…

  • where I know what I am doing for a career so I don’t keep guessing what path to take next.
  • where I don’t have to write pointless essays.

cuz that would be great..


I love school, but I really, really hate essays.

And I hate not knowing where I am going to end working.


I just want to live with my boyfriend

in a little apartment in a big city,

have many guinea pigs,

and have a job that makes me happy

and that shows my skills.

don’t we all!


I am not in a rush to graduate though.

again, since I don’t know where I am heading.


for now,

I live at home with my guinea pigs,

I see my boyfriend often,

have a job in a place where I am a leader,

am in college,

and I write essays.

but I’m happy.

I cut my own hair!

after watching several ponderous videos on YouTube (half of one that appeared on my What To Watch, actually) on how to self-cut hair, I was curious about the idea of cutting mine. I’ve been wanting to get a hair cut for a while now. I just haven’t gone. no reason. maybe just that I’m lazy to go to the salon and get it cut?
well, laziness aside, yesterday night around 1 am I got the crazies, my sowing scissors, and chopped off 4 fingers all around!
It’s not the first time I get impulses to cut my hair. I always cut my bangs whenever I feel like it. (even if my hair dresser gets mad at me for doing so.) in January I actually went back to bangs I hadn’t styled since elementary school (post here) and they didn’t turn out bad!
in july I dyed it red myself with the help of my sister and a L’Oreal hair dye box, after getting the idea from a blogger (easily-influenced, me). I loved it despite of the damage it did to my hair and the mess it created in my restroom.
but this is different! I’ve never cut my entire hair :o it looks the same, almost, just with more layers in the bottom.
i’m happy though. bye damaged ends!! and yay for saving money!
wait til I tell my mom. she’ll freak! :D

happy tuesday! — diana

p.s. – i want pancakes so bad! maybe i can used the money i saved on going to the salon to get some…hmm ;)

my first photo challenge

Years ago, I saw people started to do these monthly photo challenges in Instagram.  I was interested but never actually did one. The other day in Pinterest I saw one again and I liked it, so I decided to do it for this September.

Instead of posting a photo everyday I’m going to share seven pictures in a post every week. That way it’s not overwhelming to my blog, and I could share what I saw that week comfortably and look forward to the day I write and share them with you :)

Here’s the challenge I’ll be following:

If you want to join me, go right ahead! :D And let me know so I can check out your pictures! If you wanna change a day up a bit, go for it, so will I, most likely :) Just have fun with it!

Happy Tuesday!

– diana

He’s in!!

Boyfriend just told me that his engineer professor gave him word that he was one of the few of his class selected to participate in building a robot that is going to be in a competition of none other than…..NASA!!
They’re gonna build another rover, like the one in Mars, and present it to them. And if they like what they see, they’ll use their model. Isn’t that amazing?!
I’m so happy for him, I had to just tell you! This is something huge! Saying you worked on a project for NASA…wow!
So proud of him and other friends that are in the project as well <3
Good things and big accomplishments for him – and the semester just started!
Ahh, so exciting :D!

– one proud girlfriend


I just developed a bunch of film  (7 rolls to be exact) dating back to May. I want to share some of my favorite pictures with you because, I don’t know, I really like them and this is my little corner of the world and having pictures makes me happy. and i hope it makes you happy as well :)

oh! also, we went on vacation and I have a few pictures to share from our trip there, too :)

“What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person.”

John Green

My friend Doris (if you’re reading this, hey girl!) had this iPhone cover that had that quote in watercolors. It stuck to me since the first day I saw it. Especially the word “treacherous” cuz boy do I suck at pronouncing it, haha. But I don’t know, I always liked it.

The other day my family and I went to the movies because my sister wanted to watch the premier of Paper Towns, since she was reading the book. I really liked it! It was cute and funny, and it makes you think about what you’re doing with your life and that you still can do something, or that maybe you should’ve done something else.

To my surprise that quote came up and I was like WOAH WAIT! IT’S FROM THIS BOOK!? Cuz I always wondered, and for some reason never researched it’s origins, or even remember asking Doris where it was from.

It made me happy to know who the rightful author of that quote is and that it was used in such a cute movie and book.

It basically means just that. That you shouldn’t look at person as a salvation or a miracle or whatever you want in your life. Regardless of how much you love them and what they’ve done for you, a person is just a person and nothing more. —At least that’s what I got from the movie. People who actually read the book probably have a deeper meaning and could explain it better. But for watching the movie, and not wanting to blur out anything accidentally, I can only say that.

p.s: Happy (belated) Birthday, Doris. I know I already said it, but still. This week I’ve had you in mind. Let’s go get a coffee or pizza!
And to you, reader: If you want to laugh for a while, go watch the movie. Or hey, read the book if you’d like!

laundromats and 25¢


24, 15, and 12 minutes left until our laundry is done. We’re using three washing machines.
Washing my, my mom’s, and my aunt’s dirty clothes.
Dyer is next. We have to hurry up cuz they’re almost closing this place.

We didn’t expect to be in this city for this long. We already used all our clothes and almost all of our cash. So we’re here.. Finding quarters was harder than it seemed. We had to gather, count, and exchange all the little cents we found.

Ooh, 16, 9, and 3 minutes left!! Almost.

I had really good Chinese food in the afternoon. Highlight of my day..

Laundromats used to be and looked fun for me as a kid; in movies and in little trips here and ther. Not right now.

Ah, yes! Here we go dryer! We’re almost done!!

Now we’re off to look for a hotel..

This is one interesting summer. And no we are not on vacation. We wish /:

oh, this hospital we live in..

Before I begin my day-long anecdote I must say that this one was only made for purposes of…knowledge, I suppose. It is all truthful, as I have been spending about two weeks of this month, except weekends, on a hospital bed. Not as patient but rather as a companion to my grandfather whom I love greatly. (He’s getting better, nothing to worry about). Regardless of the time I’ve been here, this post will only go over what happened today, Friday, May 29, 2015. This is not a rant or a funny entry, nor do I have amazing stories of patients coming in bleeding from a trauma or whatever is usually pictured when thinking of a hospital. I should note that this is a hospital that only has beds for patients to be in once a big hospital kicks them out, basically; and that’s it. Plus physical therapy and other things. No emergency room, no labor/delivery kinda thing, etc. But patients are well cared for. Again, this was only written for a short period of “entertainment,” I suppose, and knowledge of what goes on in a hospital like this, kinda, in case you’ve ever wondered. This is also written because I am a little bored and because I haven’t written a blog post in a while and I miss doing so. And because today was rather interesting!

Without further adieu, my story for today: 14 hours in this hospital…

7 am

I woke up with the sound of my grandfather’s ventilator’s alarm. I jumped. I mean, it goes off every five minutes without a reason, quite honestly. But this time it was louder and wouldn’t stop. I also heard another weird sound, like a vent. What had happened? There was a power outage. Yup. That happened. It’s the second time I see it in a hospital. Then I hear nurses rushing in to make sure the machine was plugged in to the outlet that goes to the hospital’s generator. I couldn’t go back to sleep.

8 am

Had those powdered mini donuts for breakfast. Good for the soul, not the body.

I go to a far away restroom since I’m afraid of using the one in the room. Interesting for you to know this, I know. But it is shared between this and another room. Not happening.

9 am

Nurses came back in to clean, weight, bathe, and change my grandpa’s mattress. Power came back on finally, yay! But then we found this big patch of irritated skin on my grandfather’s back. I can’t believe we never saw it.

10 am

Last night I watched Bridget Jones’s Diary for the first time (don’t kill me, fans). I saw that she was watching Frasier, Fatal Attraction and I cannot remember what else besides a documentary of lions mating. I love Fatal Attraction! Except for the bunny scene, blugh. I log onto Netflix and the first thing I see is Frasier up on top. Maybe the little Netflix wizards who are always recommending things did it on purpose. But it worked. I started watching it. I LOVE IT! It is so funny without being vulgar or annoying! The pilot hooked me. Probably one of the funniest I’ve seen.

11 am

A lot of commotion here in our floor. The fourth floor. The last floor. Floor of the senior citizens, apparently, and like one young guy. Everyone is getting physical therapy and walking around or exercising from their beds. Hurray for them!

A woman in the room next to us screaming randomly for help. Probably delusional or had no memory of where she is or why. Poor thing..

12 pm

I have a conversation with two nurses about living in Mars and underwater, eating astronaut food, and money scams. Never a dull moment here.

1 pm

I’m a really shy person. Not necessarily speaking to someone, but doing something new when people are watching. Might be the reason I still don’t have a drivers license. Prideful me don’t want others to see me fail or embarrass myself, you know? Anyway, I finally got the courage to do this thing that I wasn’t able to do yesterday: go to the cafeteria and use the microwave to heat up my Lean Cuisine pasta. Oh yeah.. I did it today! Then I sat alone and finished reading “The Aleph” by Jorge Luis Borges.

2 pm

Comfortably and happily enjoyed an elevator ride back to the room.

3 pm

I suction phlegms from grandpa’s throat with this plastic tube. I really like doing so. It doesn’t gross me out. It makes me feel like a nurse that knows how to do stuff! Grandpa hates it, but it helps him.

4 pm

A nurse comes in and puts grandpa’s machine back on. He was breathing by himself for 3 hours and I didn’t even know!

The pulmonary doctor comes in and tells me he was to speak with me privately. Oh, dear. He tells me my grandfather is doing well, but that he doesn’t know for much longer he will keep tolerating all the treatments he receives. He tells me he looks fine and is really strong, but that we have to understand that in his age not a lot can be done without complications. We get it. It’s just hard.

5 pm

Grandpa smiles at me. He can’t talk but, ugh, that smiles makes me so happy! That smile motivates me to be in my butt all day here. And those blue-gray eyes.

“Code Blue, ICU. Code Blue, ICU” is announced. Cadiopulmonary arrest in the Intensive Care Unit. I hate those announcements.

6 pm

Another doctor comes in. Better news. He tells me all of my grandpa’s doctors had a meeting and said that he is doing progress. It’s slow but it’s good progress. A big relief.

7 pm

I got hungry, so I went to the cafeteria to get some chips I craved while being there. It was closed. I took the stairs back and I saw that the second floor had a sign that said “ICU, Waiting Room, Human Resources, Education Classroom, Pharmacy” pointing to different directions. I went in and stared exploring. It was a bad-lit pink and gray labyrinth. The ICU door was at the end of the hallway with a covered window. So scary. I left.

8 pm

I glance at the TV I have on for my grandfather to see in case he gets bored: what the fuck are they showing nowadays?! Nope. I love you all the way, online streaming services.

9 pm

I am writing this post with different nurses next to me: respiratory, RN, CNA. I want to shower, sleep, and watch Rosemary’s Baby even if it’s weird. And eat some buffalo wings or nuggets. So hungry. I also can’t wait for my mom and aunt to be here tomorrow. Grandpa and I are 2 hours away from home.

10 pm

Tomorrow morning I am going to witness a minor surgery being performed on my grandpa; I’m excited. Although I think feeling that is wrong… I just got notified. And it’s gonna be done here in his room. The nurses are already setting up.

11 pm

Ta-da! This is published. Good night.

I hope you have an interesting day! I know I will…

east and a little west

It’s may, the month of graduations, finals, end of semester, etc. I see a lot graduation pictures floating around my social media feeds and it gets me thinking what their next step is gonna be. and then it gets me thinking what mine is gonna be.

I’m not set to graduate til next may, supposedly. but I really don’t know what to do afterwards. grad school? get a second bachelors? get a job? I don’t want to get a job yet. I want to keep studying. I just don’t know what..

everyone tells me it’s alright not to know what to study, and I know so. it just bugs me not knowing. at the moment I just know this: I want to travel.

I know that sounds super cliché. I kinda even hate saying it because of the cliché-ness of it. The I’m-gonna-backpack-through-Europe-after-graduating kind of cliché-ness. bleh. but no, I just think the earth is amazing and I want to keep exploring it. whenever. after graduation, before graduation, with my work, with my family. anytime!

a few places I would like to visit:

St. Croix
South Africa
all of Mexico
Washington DC

and a lot more others.. my bucket list keeps growing daily.

I really want to visit all of those. but first i gotta figure out what to do academically to get there..

what places are in your bucket list to visit? any places you recommend I visit? were/are you concerned about what to do after graduation just like I am? let me know cuz I’m over here growing gray hairs, haha! have a nice day :)

oh, my dear little blog..

I hate that I can’t sit down peacefully and write you my adventures as I would like. ugh. school.
anyway, here are some updates on my life because I know you really wanna know and because I feel the need to write, even if it’s very little.


I got a job as a lab manager for a research in my uni (!!)

my birthday is monday the 13th.

napoleon’s birthday is saturday the 18th.

 I discovered my piggies are big watermelon fans.


I just ate a hash brown and a croissant. (beautiful breakfast).

I love bob’s burgers.

chunky black shoes <3.

I was in a play.

I have been taking pictures with two disposable cameras, which I’m really excited to develop, and I made a camera that belonged to my grandfather work. circa 1950.

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 2.26.39 PM

I added way more legos to my collection.

saw old friends.

max fell into the toilet the other day, haha! but he’s alright!



once I’m a little free I’ll upload part II of our yucatan trip. (really late, i know, sorry, but the wait will be worth it! :D)

thanks for stopping by! have a nice day!

– diana

currently i..

am watching it’s always sunny in philadelphia again because i just love danny devito and charlie day so much.

like the 70º weather we have but am sad that those 50º weather days won’t be back ’til next winter.

want to travel.

am crossing my fingers hoping i get a cool part to play for my theater class’ production.

constantly look at apartments in other cities, in hopes of moving out after getting my degree.

have an urge to cook something thanks to laura vitale.

love the time i get to spend with my grandmother. (it makes me feel like i’m little again).

really like all of my classes this semester.

can’t wait to go to the farmer’s market on valentine’s day with david and grandma.

love my piggies. and little dresses. always.


Blue Jeans Go Green

hello once again, dear reader!

in case you didn’t know, i really like the idea of recycling! so i’m always looking for new ideas or things to give new life to and do my part to keep earth a little greener.

thanks to madewell’s blog, i found out that there’s this organization called blue jeans go green where you donate old jeans that you no longer want or use and they turn them into insulation for houses that habitat for humanity builds for people in need. it’s a pretty neat idea!

i do have a lot jeans laying around that could become something else. do you?

for more information, go to their homepage here. for places where you can drop off or send your jeans click here. to read the madewell post that informed me about this organization click here.

please don’t ever throw your clothes away! there’s people who could use them. not landfills. either donate them to programs like these or to other local facilities.

oh! btw, if you have electronics that you don’t know what to do with (cuz you should not throw them away!) best buy has a recycling program you should check out!

remember to recycle at home or visit your local recycling facility.

until next time!

– diana

fall semester is ending

i can’t believe this semester is almost over. last class day was today, and finals are starting thursday. it went by so fast! i mean, it happens with every semester, i swear, and i always say the same thing, but this one felt like nothing. i still remember my first class day like it was a month ago.

i’m always super nervous before every semester starts cuz i think that i have a lot of classes or that they’re gonna be difficult.. but they never are, and i always have a lot of free time. which i honestly don’t like cuz then i have time to procrastinate and then i never get things done. plus my do-everything-last-minute habits don’t help. ugh.

sometimes i consider getting a job, but i never actually apply. next week, however, i am starting to help a professor by being an assistant in a research she does. by that time i will have already finished with my finals. i won’t get paid, but i don’t mind at all. it will help as discipline and it will look really good on my resume. (yay to that!)

for now, i’m stuck with a cold and a headache, a dry scalp that can’t accommodate to the weather, sleep deprivation, two piggy cages that need cleaning + my room, eyes full of mascara that i refuse to take off, essays, and reviews (that i haven’t started, btw).. i also had a pretty stressful thanksgiving ‘break.’ but you learn something from those days and from that stress. at least i did and still am.

i’m exhausted. i’m just glad that soon there will come days in december (hopefully cold ones) where i can just sleep in and not worry about annoying alarm clocks or deadlines until january. *happy thoughts*

– diana