getting a pug

many people know that i own a pug – max.


a lot of them tell me they want to get one too.

i know their curly tail and wrinkled face are to die for! (believe me, every time i see max i squish him as much as i can)

but ‘pugs are not for everyone..’

before you actually decide to get a pug, i invite you to read this article as a heads up of what awaits.

like the article states, if you’re not willing to go through all that, don’t get one. if you still do so, i can assure you’ll fall in love with him/her! pugs are so loving and worth everything! just please be responsible(:

this also applies to any dog or animal in general cuz they’re all equally important! 🐾

learn about the breed/species and its needs before you commit!

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