a happy list, by daniella

hi friends! i hope you’re enjoying your weekend, and if you’re in the US i hope you enjoy your labor day! we’re having a little bit of rain so I decided to share a happy list my friend daniella wrote, since it fits this weather. so calm.

i met daniella in high school, and she’s one of the few people i’ve kept up with. she is so fun to be around. she’s also really understanding. whenever i have something on my mind, i go to her because she listens and doesn’t judge. in fact, most of the time we agree on a lot of things.

we could all use a happy list once in a while. so, here are…

10 things that make daniella happy:

10. Any Lush product in existence.

9. Beautiful music. Any kind.

8. Beautiful souls. Old souls. Wise souls.

7. Pictures. You cannot remember all the little moments. They trigger a memory and take you to that moment in time.

6. Tolerance. It’s something we, as a whole, need to work on.

5. Sincerity. Especially from strangers. It shows their character.

4. My grandma and crazy mexican family. It truly is like a novela.

3. Marijuana. For medicinal purposes.

2. Reading. Poetry, Novels, Anything. Nothing is more calming than a good book.

1. My relentless tenacity. My life with severe depression and anxiety feels hopeless sometimes. But I’ve somehow never stopped fighting.



these happy lists series are making me just that – happy!

if you would like to share things that make you happy, send me an email.

thanks for stopping by! and thanks for sharing daniella; love you girl. <3

Proud of him!

Not very long ago I go into gardening. It is hobby many of my close family members enjoy. The first herb I planted back in October was cilantro. It is now huge and beautiful. I now have that, a beautiful tomato plant, two red bell pepper plants, and a white onion. :)

My boyfriend got interested in plants too so I helped him plant some cilantro seeds. We planted them in Novemeber but they sadly never bloomed. 

Last week he decided to dump the dirty from the pot I lent him, since he was convinced his cilantro never grew.

BUT, when he was about to reach the pot, he saw that two cilantro plants had risen from the ground!!



I’m so proud of you boyfriend! Happy to see you happy. :)


Oh nature, you are amazing. Maybe a little lazy, haha. But amazing nonetheless! 

Moral of the story: Have hope my friends! 

And, have an amazing day!

–diana, david, and two strong cilantro plants.

she just knew.

If you read the post I wrote about being in a hospital, you might remember that I was there accompanying my grandfather.

I wrote that entry on May 29; he passed away June 11.

We were sad. We cried – so much. We still do sometimes, secretly, in moments.

We knew it had to happen, like it does with everyone else in life.

Grandpa – an amazingly strong man – and I were two hours away from our hometown. When the doctors told us it was time to come say our goodbyes, everyone gathered.

I know this might sound strange, but a couple of days before this happened, our Chihuahua, Angie, did not leave my grandmother’s side, not even for a second, not even when my sister called her. She didn’t even leave the room where my grandpa lived for a while in.

It was as if she knew we were sad and that something was about to happen.

I took this photography of her with my grandmother. And seeing it makes me think of those times again.

diana mini 2 26

I treasure it.

It shows that even these little creatures know more than we know. She really did feel my grandmother’s sadness. And ours.

oh, this hospital we live in..

Before I begin my day-long anecdote I must say that this one was only made for purposes of…knowledge, I suppose. It is all truthful, as I have been spending about two weeks of this month, except weekends, on a hospital bed. Not as patient but rather as a companion to my grandfather whom I love greatly. (He’s getting better, nothing to worry about). Regardless of the time I’ve been here, this post will only go over what happened today, Friday, May 29, 2015. This is not a rant or a funny entry, nor do I have amazing stories of patients coming in bleeding from a trauma or whatever is usually pictured when thinking of a hospital. I should note that this is a hospital that only has beds for patients to be in once a big hospital kicks them out, basically; and that’s it. Plus physical therapy and other things. No emergency room, no labor/delivery kinda thing, etc. But patients are well cared for. Again, this was only written for a short period of “entertainment,” I suppose, and knowledge of what goes on in a hospital like this, kinda, in case you’ve ever wondered. This is also written because I am a little bored and because I haven’t written a blog post in a while and I miss doing so. And because today was rather interesting!

Without further adieu, my story for today: 14 hours in this hospital…

7 am

I woke up with the sound of my grandfather’s ventilator’s alarm. I jumped. I mean, it goes off every five minutes without a reason, quite honestly. But this time it was louder and wouldn’t stop. I also heard another weird sound, like a vent. What had happened? There was a power outage. Yup. That happened. It’s the second time I see it in a hospital. Then I hear nurses rushing in to make sure the machine was plugged in to the outlet that goes to the hospital’s generator. I couldn’t go back to sleep.

8 am

Had those powdered mini donuts for breakfast. Good for the soul, not the body.

I go to a far away restroom since I’m afraid of using the one in the room. Interesting for you to know this, I know. But it is shared between this and another room. Not happening.

9 am

Nurses came back in to clean, weight, bathe, and change my grandpa’s mattress. Power came back on finally, yay! But then we found this big patch of irritated skin on my grandfather’s back. I can’t believe we never saw it.

10 am

Last night I watched Bridget Jones’s Diary for the first time (don’t kill me, fans). I saw that she was watching Frasier, Fatal Attraction and I cannot remember what else besides a documentary of lions mating. I love Fatal Attraction! Except for the bunny scene, blugh. I log onto Netflix and the first thing I see is Frasier up on top. Maybe the little Netflix wizards who are always recommending things did it on purpose. But it worked. I started watching it. I LOVE IT! It is so funny without being vulgar or annoying! The pilot hooked me. Probably one of the funniest I’ve seen.

11 am

A lot of commotion here in our floor. The fourth floor. The last floor. Floor of the senior citizens, apparently, and like one young guy. Everyone is getting physical therapy and walking around or exercising from their beds. Hurray for them!

A woman in the room next to us screaming randomly for help. Probably delusional or had no memory of where she is or why. Poor thing..

12 pm

I have a conversation with two nurses about living in Mars and underwater, eating astronaut food, and money scams. Never a dull moment here.

1 pm

I’m a really shy person. Not necessarily speaking to someone, but doing something new when people are watching. Might be the reason I still don’t have a drivers license. Prideful me don’t want others to see me fail or embarrass myself, you know? Anyway, I finally got the courage to do this thing that I wasn’t able to do yesterday: go to the cafeteria and use the microwave to heat up my Lean Cuisine pasta. Oh yeah.. I did it today! Then I sat alone and finished reading “The Aleph” by Jorge Luis Borges.

2 pm

Comfortably and happily enjoyed an elevator ride back to the room.

3 pm

I suction phlegms from grandpa’s throat with this plastic tube. I really like doing so. It doesn’t gross me out. It makes me feel like a nurse that knows how to do stuff! Grandpa hates it, but it helps him.

4 pm

A nurse comes in and puts grandpa’s machine back on. He was breathing by himself for 3 hours and I didn’t even know!

The pulmonary doctor comes in and tells me he was to speak with me privately. Oh, dear. He tells me my grandfather is doing well, but that he doesn’t know for much longer he will keep tolerating all the treatments he receives. He tells me he looks fine and is really strong, but that we have to understand that in his age not a lot can be done without complications. We get it. It’s just hard.

5 pm

Grandpa smiles at me. He can’t talk but, ugh, that smiles makes me so happy! That smile motivates me to be in my butt all day here. And those blue-gray eyes.

“Code Blue, ICU. Code Blue, ICU” is announced. Cadiopulmonary arrest in the Intensive Care Unit. I hate those announcements.

6 pm

Another doctor comes in. Better news. He tells me all of my grandpa’s doctors had a meeting and said that he is doing progress. It’s slow but it’s good progress. A big relief.

7 pm

I got hungry, so I went to the cafeteria to get some chips I craved while being there. It was closed. I took the stairs back and I saw that the second floor had a sign that said “ICU, Waiting Room, Human Resources, Education Classroom, Pharmacy” pointing to different directions. I went in and stared exploring. It was a bad-lit pink and gray labyrinth. The ICU door was at the end of the hallway with a covered window. So scary. I left.

8 pm

I glance at the TV I have on for my grandfather to see in case he gets bored: what the fuck are they showing nowadays?! Nope. I love you all the way, online streaming services.

9 pm

I am writing this post with different nurses next to me: respiratory, RN, CNA. I want to shower, sleep, and watch Rosemary’s Baby even if it’s weird. And eat some buffalo wings or nuggets. So hungry. I also can’t wait for my mom and aunt to be here tomorrow. Grandpa and I are 2 hours away from home.

10 pm

Tomorrow morning I am going to witness a minor surgery being performed on my grandpa; I’m excited. Although I think feeling that is wrong… I just got notified. And it’s gonna be done here in his room. The nurses are already setting up.

11 pm

Ta-da! This is published. Good night.

I hope you have an interesting day! I know I will…