laundromats and 25¢


24, 15, and 12 minutes left until our laundry is done. We’re using three washing machines.
Washing my, my mom’s, and my aunt’s dirty clothes.
Dyer is next. We have to hurry up cuz they’re almost closing this place.

We didn’t expect to be in this city for this long. We already used all our clothes and almost all of our cash. So we’re here.. Finding quarters was harder than it seemed. We had to gather, count, and exchange all the little cents we found.

Ooh, 16, 9, and 3 minutes left!! Almost.

I had really good Chinese food in the afternoon. Highlight of my day..

Laundromats used to be and looked fun for me as a kid; in movies and in little trips here and ther. Not right now.

Ah, yes! Here we go dryer! We’re almost done!!

Now we’re off to look for a hotel..

This is one interesting summer. And no we are not on vacation. We wish /: