hello friends

I feel distant from my blog. I haven’t posted anything since over a month ago. I promised myself I wasn’t gonna let that happen but it did. Maybe my New Years resolution (since I didn’t have any) can be to post often. I enjoy doing so and enjoy reading your blogs, and I hope you enjoy reading my content as well.

Little updates in my life: 

I just came back from my trip to India!

I started a new semester in school. 

Hmm.. I think that’s it. Apparently my life is not as interesting as I thought, haha. That’s alright. :)

Anyway, how are you doing friends?! How is this new year treating ya so far?

I will be posting photos, stories, and tips from my trip in case you guys are interested :)

For now, here is my outfit for today. Kind of silly but I feel so comfortable in this windy day. 


Have an amazing day friends. Happy Friday!